Ultimate Spider Man

Although Marvel is best known for its cavalcade of ultra successful superhero movies, television shows, comic books and toys, its designers also made waves across the fragrance world in 2012 with a line of cologne inspired by the Avengers. The collection includes fragrances designed to match the personality and character attributes of each superhero on the team, including Iron Man and Captain America.

Though most people probably associate Marvel with Stan Lee, creator of characters such as Spider-Man and The X-Men, the company was actually founded by his cousin Martin Goodman in 1939 as a generic comic book publisher. Over the next 70 years, the company would expand beyond comic books to cover movies, television, video games and eventually fragrances.

Rather than outsource the creation of its colognes completely, Marvel worked with JADS International, a seasoned health and beauty products manufacturer, to collaborate on and help develop the products. The initial entry came in conjunction with "The Avengers" movie, offering a unique perfume that matched the persona and personality of each of the superheroes.

Following the success of its Avengers line, Marvel continued to produce colognes based on its other popular heroes. These lines would expand to offer more mature and sophisticated packaging for adults, as well as more colorful and comic-themed lines for younger men. The company also created perfumes for women, with the first taking inspiration from Avenger's member Black Widow.