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5 Reasons You Should Not Step Out Without Sunglasses In Autumn

5 Reasons You Should Not Step Out Without Sunglasses In Autumn

5 Reasons You Should Not Step Out Without Sunglasses In Autumn

Autumn the most beautiful time of the year. With fall vibes there come fall-inspired outfits and makeup that we all love. Tighter days and cooler weather can occasionally silence us into an inaccurate sense of security when it comes to our eyes. We incline to think that when there is not direct sunlight beating down on us or we’re not blinking when we walk outside that we don’t need eye protection. The truth is autumn light can be even more destructive to our eyes than the summer sun. And when it comes to eyes, there is no plan B. Here are five reasons why you should keep those sunglasses handy and keep wearing them even as the seasons change.

  • 1. The Glare Factor

    The Glare Factor

    The deeper angle of the sun this period of year also creates vicious glare. Not talking much geometry, just trust us that a shallow fall sun glares a lot more glow your way than a summer sun. Glare can cause interim blindness and make your daily commute much more hazardous. Luckily, there are lens options out there that do a great job of dealing with mid or flat light and glare all at the same time. Choose brown lenses as they suit every skin tone, are quite popular and do polarized to block out glare, yet still let in enough light to see well in less sunny or cloudy conditions.

  • 2. Serves looks

    Serves looks

    Right shape and the right shade of glasses can add that ’coolness factor’ we been lurking on. Come on who doesn’t want protection with some added style. The right eyewear is stylish and serves the equally important purpose of protecting your eyes.

  • 3. Annoying Bugs

    Annoying Bugs

    Even in autumn, bugs are however around and just continuing to splat into a wide-open eye when you least expect it. This is especially true when you’re a cyclist, a motorcyclist or a runner and an element of speed is factored into the equation. Just like your car needs a windshield, your eyes need protection too. Fight this annoyance with the perfect pair of glasses.

  • 4. The Wind

    The Wind

    The climate becomes more turbulent further into fall, and your sunglasses are perfect to help safeguard your eyes from these harsh elements. Between your eyes and the skin around your eyes, it’s easy for wind to dry you out. This may impact your vision while outdoors, so always go outside prepared with reliable eyewear.

  • 5. Low Autumn Sun

    Low Autumn Sun

    This is the most important factor among others which needs to be taken seriously until it’s too late. Let me explain to you why! When the sun is elevated overhead, it doesn’t have an upright shot to your eyes unless you are looking straight up. Most of the damage comes when it bounces off stuff like water or really clean cars. When the sun’s lower in the sky and closer to the horizon, it has a much more direct path towards your eyes and exposure to UV rays dramatically increases. Don’t worry though, all it takes is a pair of high-quality lenses to keep those harmful rays from beaming directly into your sensitive sight centres.

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